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Pool Installation Tales

Pool Installation Tales

Hey Guys. Ever think of getting a new pool. What you probably didn’t realize is that you can do it yourself – like we did!
The first thing you need to do is buy your kids some shovels and then sit back and be amazed.
Just kidding. The first thing is to visit a pool outlet that sells kits and pick out the style you like and make sure it will fit and that you have access to the area you want the pool. In our case, with the removal of some fence sections we were able to get in any size of equipment. So we were lucky to find a great excavator that dug our hole perfectly. If you need to dig with something smaller than an excavator it could take more time and be a little more difficult.
The flat area that runs around the upper section of the dig is where the steel walls(that make up the top section of the pool) sit. These walls are bolted together and the assembly is leveled in place and pegged down. Once its fairly well secured, concrete is poured around the base of the steel walls to hold the walls permanently in this position.

Once the walls are nicely set in place its time to hook up the skimmer and floor drains with their PVC piping. You need to dig small trenches for the piping on the floor of the pool so the piping will sit under the concrete floor. The piping from the skimmer is run behind the steel walls and over to the area reserved for the pump. We also installed a light at this point(this was ordered at the time of the pool kit order because one of the steel panels has to come with the hole for the light pre-installed. The pool also has to be grounded at this time with all the steel connected to a proper ground wire.

Just before backfilling the trench that runs behind the steel walls, we put sono-tubes filled with concrete at intervals of 3 to 4 feet centered between the steel walls and the undisturbed dirt. These are for support of the concrete walkways that will surround the pool. Now its time to fill the area behind the steel walls with gravel backfill.

A stone slinger shoots gravel into the area behind the steel walls


About the Author:

Greg Oberlein is the owner of Build-Tech, located in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. Greg has been re-building and restoring structures since 1985. He is a graduate of the "Construction Engineering Technology" program at Niagara College as well as Air Conditioning and Refrigeration at George Brown College. Build-Tech has been in business and providing extraordinary building services since 1998.

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